May 2000
Little Jacob said "I'm Bored"...

August 2002
Central Texas Jacob Guide published, move to Arizona start exploration and adventure work on the Southern AZ Guide.

February 2003
Jacob Guide to Southern Arizona near completion, interrupted by deployment prep for Iraq.

August 2004
While serving a 1 year deployment to Iraq I met Caleb's Dad who is interested in working with Caleb on the Jacob Guide to Upstate New York.

October 2004
Return from Iraq, start exploration for Jacob Guide to Puget Sound!

May 2000 - Little Jacob said "I'm Bored".

An Army officer arriving to Fort Hood Texas, I was eager to find out what family fun was in store for us over the next few years. (Fort Hood is an hour north of Austin and an hour south of Waco). I hail originally from Colorado and hadn't been through Texas but had heard a lot about it!

At my Army Unit family meeting I inquired with some of the wives about fun family activities in the area and was disheartened to receive a foreboding "There aren't any fun things to do in the area… Get a big TV and a video store card", and this coming from woman that had been in the area for years!

Dejected but still faced with the battle against the TV for my Son's laughter and attention I set out to double check on finding fun activities in the area. I started finding things, numerous things, as Jacob might say really, really, really, really cool things!
Jacob & Dad in a Horse Buggy

Once, at another Unit family meeting, Jacob was going on with the other kids about how he had fed the Giraffes from his car that day - and when that same wife inquired about this, her face grew incredulous (better word?) to find there was a drive through zoo in the next town - not a 20 minute drive from her house! And then to hear about the hiking trails, waterfalls, caverns and even another lake she wasn't aware of… she mentioned to Jacob that we should write a book about all the fun stuff in the area…

So we did…

Family Fun in Central Texas Southern Arizona family activities! Washington activity guide!

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