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       Greater Phoenix Area
        Traveling near Phoenix? Don't miss these beautiful family adventures and activities! President Roosevelt said some of this area (Apache Trail) is the most beautiful drive in the United States! A truly amazing country full of amazement and wonder... Phoenix, Scottsdale area....
        Phoenix, Scottsdale and ...(more)
        An ancient Indian city for thousands of years, Tucson lays nestled in the living Arizona desert between Mt Lemmon mountain range (The Rincon's) and the foothills of the Tucson mountains. Covered with Saguaro cactus and desert wildlife this modern city still has it's old west roots very visable. The scenic area of Tucson is loaded with family fun not just for residents but is popular tourist spot as well.
        So what are some of these fun family activities? Lets take a look.. ...(more)
       Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca Area:
       Sierra Vista is a beautiful scenic town nestled up to the Huachuca Mountains on one edge and framed by the San Pedro river on the other. I never imagined the desert to be so full of life and fauna!
       Scenery, hiking, Mountain biking, top of the mountains camping, 4x4 trails, river trails, 2x Caves to explore (that I know of), ghost towns, hang gliding and of course swimming, dining, bed & breakfasts and golf courses.
       Remains of early Gold Rush ghost towns and faint remains of the earliest Conquistador settlements. Apache and Clovis Indians hunted the area and there are early petroglyphs...(more)
       Bisbee and Tombstone:

       Bisbee a Gold Rush, mountain town that thrives! An amazing mix of old time magic and modern art eclectic. A colorful western jewel in the heart of a mountain range that has continually been mined for the last 100 years for precious metals, arts with a spice, entertainment and ever present mountain scenery.
       Tombsotne, the original wild west cowboy town too tough to die, very much alive with stage coaches, cowboy reenactments and shows and the still thriving main street Saloons and Ice cream parlors and... (more)

       Towards Nogales, Mexico
        The quaint, colorful towns and lakes between Nogales and Tucson draw families with the shopping, southwest art and wares, the ghostowns, lakes and wine country in this area are also neat family events! More... - take a peek at what will be posted....
       Flagstaff and Sedona
       Skiing, mountains, high desert, Grand Canyon, kyaking, Camping, hiking, horses and rodeos - what isn't there to do in Flagstaff, Sedona and the Grand Canyon area?
        Click here to browse through the Flagstaff Guide and... (more)
       Toward Safford, Arizona!
       Fun, family activities in the hidden gem of southern Arizona! Camping, huge towering sky island forests and lakes, waterfalls, creeks and breathtaking views. There is also hot springs, spas, 4x4, ATV and motorcyle camping areas! Not to mention
        So what are some of these fun family activities?... (more)

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