Montezuma Pass & Coronado National Memorial
    First Spanish entry into US by the Conquistadors!
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         Recommended by: Diane Perkins
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Jacob's Review:
   There is a model house of the Indians and swords and armor that are real from the knight days, and you can try on all the armor and helmets too!

Dad's Notes:
   This visitor center is also an exhibit/memorial for Coronado's Spanish Conquistador explorations of az in 1540. Kids will love it! There are some authentic armor and weapons on display with a short film about the Conquistador’s. There are numerous photos, sketches and drawings - to include a neat photo wall of animals and wildlife photographed right in the area (Mountain lions are seen at times drinking from the fountain in the gardens.)

   Jacob’s favorite part of this small exhibit was the ‘treasure chest’ that had complete chain mail, clothes and helmets that you could actually try on (3 sets for 3 people at a time!), Makes for some great family photos! There is a nice picnic area across the road from the visitor center. Tables, grills, shade, water - but bring your own wood or charcoal.

Montezuma Pass Scenic Overlook: 
Jacob: The sun goes down here through the clouds - the sun was shooting out like God made it. Very pretty view - there was views both ways! There is neat cactus and Dr. Suess trees with flowers on them.

   A beautiful view, one of the best in Arizona! 6,575 ft high - you can see all the way across southeastern Arizona and into Mexico. The road from here is narrow and the last two miles to the top are unpaved mountain road (24 ft. vehicle length limit). The road is in good condition and can be easily driven with any car. The dirt road continues west into the Coronado National Forest and you can take this route to Parker Canyon Lake. The view from here is worth a Sunday Drive!
   There are some hiking and biking trails starting from this spot some trails closed to bikes - the visitor center has trail maps.

Admission (subject to change):
Pets on leash OK, but you see less wildlife

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
8a-5p daily
Closed Thanx & Christmas
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Drive Directions:
Tucson: 1 hr 45 min
Sierra Vista: 30 min
I-10 South to exit 302 35 min on the 90 towards Sierra Vista, Left turn on the 92 bypass (turns into 92) 20 minutes through and past Sierra Vista to Montezuma Canyon Rd. (There is a sign).

   Coronado National Memorial by Wayne Forester Thanks Wayne!


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Jacob Tip:   You can see a long way from up here, even into Mexico, but not the cities or people - just the scenery.
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