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Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course
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Nicholas' Review:
   The wobbly bridge was really creaky and I was a little afraid to cross it, but I made it after a few tries. When I get older I am gonna go all the way to the top and fly across the park on the zip line!

Melissa's Notes:
   Challenge yourself to soar to new heights at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. This suspended adventure course is situated high in the tops of the beautiful Ponderosa Pines that Flagstaff is well known for. You will relive childhood memories of climbing to the tallest treetops and swinging high into the skies as you zip through one of the country's most extreme adventure courses. Since the company's core values focus on safety, courageousness, trust, challenge and environmental awareness, adventurers can rest assured that their course advisors have all the skills needed to help them push beyond their limits, overcome fears, exceed expectations and experience the natural high of success.

   Visitors can progress through the four adult courses, which all incorporate approximately 10-17 different obstacles designed to test even the most fearless explorers. Rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and other suspended obstacles will cause adventurers to really focus on the mind-body connection to achieve success and move on to the next level. The entire course takes approximately three hours, which includes a safety briefing and instruction period before moving on to the leveled courses.

   As you pass each course level, the next step will push you just a little bit higher and a little bit farther than the one prior. Even though you move through the course at your own speed, there are plenty of attendants around to help out if you find yourself stuck. The Extreme Adventure Course is a great team-building experience or just a fun way for families to spend an afternoon.

   It is important to note that these courses are based loosely on age, but more importantly on height for participation. Participants must be able to stand flat footed and reach 5'11" to participate in the adult courses. The youth course participants must be able to stand flat footed and reach 4'7" to complete the yellow course.

Fort Tuthill Loop Rd., Fort Tuthill County Park, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Admission (subject to change):
Full adult course (age 16+): $42
Half adult course (ages 12-15): $35
Kids course (ages 7-11): $25
Private guiding: $45

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Apr-May 20: Open Fri-Sun
May25-Sep 10: Open daily
Sep14-Oct28: Open Fri-Sun
Nov3-Nov25: Open Sat-Sun


   Rope Wall © by Coz Alcoatl Thanks Cos!

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Jacob Tip:   It is scary in the begining but not scary by the time you finish! It helps you grow up a little!

Mom Note:   There is only one course for youth, so if travelling with kids, make sure you think of something to keep them busy while others are still making their way through the rest of the course.

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