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Nicholas' Review:
   I wanna work here when I grow up because then I would get to play with the animals all the time. The people who take care of the tiger play fetch with him by throwing steaks instead of a Frisbee and he catches it just like a dog would! Pretty Awesome!

Melissa's Notes:
   Imagine going on an African safari adventure without having to go all the way to Africa! Well, wish no more! Out of Africa is exactly that - an authentic African safari-like adventure right around the corner in northern Arizona. The park aims to keep the animals in the most natural-style setting, so all animals are housed in authentic replicas of their natural environment. Caretakers are taught to engage the animals in ways that mimic the skills they would use in the wild so that the animals act as natural as possible - even in their controlled environments.

   The park is home to more than forty different types of big cat breeds and guests can enjoy watching caretakers interact with the animals in several different shows. In the Tiger Splash Show, the caretakers explain how they work with the animals to nurture their natural instincts through playful activities. Since the park has so many predators, another interesting thing to see is the Predator Feed Show. Here, caretakers will explain to visitors the importance of understanding and providing an appropriate diet for the animal prior to feeding them the daily ration of nearly 800 pounds of fresh meat!

   Though the cats often steal the spotlight, there are plenty of other animals to be seen at the park to include rhinos, bears, zebras, giraffes, snakes, birds and tons more. Since the predatory animals are strictly off limits, the park offers a safari ride through the animal enclosures where visitors will have an opportunity to come face to face with some of the gentler animals and maybe even have a chance to feed and pet a few of them. There is an additional fee to participate in this safari adventure, but it was well worth it to have such a remarkable experience.

   Visitors should plan on spending about 5 hours at the park to see all of the shows and all the different exhibits.

3505 Camp Verde Bridgeport Highway, Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Admission (subject to change):
Adults: $36.00
Seniors (65+): $34.00
Veterans & Active Military: $22.00
Children (ages 3-12): $20.00
Less than 3: FREE

Phone Numbers:
928.567.2840 (information)
928.567.2842 (Business Office)

Hours(subject to change):
9:30am - 5:00pm
Open daily except Christmas & Thanksgiving


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Jacob Tip:   When you ride on the safari bus, try to get a seat at the front of the bus near the driver because the animals all know that he is the one who has the treats!

Jacob Tip:   Due to the large enclosures and weather, it is sometimes hard to see some of the animals. Visiting the animal enclosures in the morning just after the park opens is the best time to see the animals up and about.

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