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Nicholas' Review:
   My mule was Bucky, but thank goodness he didn't do what his name says! He was really cute and fuzzy, but he was very lazy. I guess if I had to walk back and forth around the Grand Canyon all the time I'd get a little lazy too after a while.

Melissa's Notes:
   Quite possibly the best way to see the Grand Canyon is the way it has been done for the last few hundred years -from the back of a sturdy, reliable mule. Grand Canyon trail rides are managed by Xanterra Recreation, and they provide a range of different trail packages to choose from. Rides range from just a few hours in length to full-day trails to the bottom of the canyon with overnight stays at the famous Phantom Ranch. No matter which experience you choose, the trip is sure to be memorable!

   When considering a mule trip, keep in mind that if you are afraid of heights, the trail down to the bottom is not for you! Though the trails are wide enough for people and other mules to pass easily, the drop off is enough to make you nauseous. Also, these trail rides are not for children, because the riders must able to ride independently, therefore the minimum age is 7 and the child must be at least 4'7" to ride. There are a lot of rules and regulations in order to participate on this experience, but all are designed and enforced to ensure the protection of the mule and rider.

   To ride the mule trails, no prior riding experience is required, but as anyone who has ever ridden before knows, riding works muscles that you didn't even know you had. Be prepared to feel the burn and walk a little bow-legged the next day if you are a newbie! For the most part, the mules on the line are nicely behaved, but they are animals after all. The worst habits I saw were a few sneaky grazers who kept trying to snack on grass along the trails or maybe the occasional straggler who would dawdle along, then realize he had been left behind and take off at a rapid trot to catch up.

   Reservations must be made for the mule trips months in advance. While it is possible that there may be cancellations, the likelihood is quite slim.

1500 E. Route 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Admission (subject to change):
3 hour Abyss Overlook ride: $122 (includes a snack box & water for each rider)
Phantom Ranch Overnight ride: $506 a person or $895 a couple (includes accom. & meals)
1 hour - Grand Canyon Rim: $40
Half-day to Uncle Jim's Point: $80
Inner Canyon Half-Day Trip to Supai Tunnel: $80

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
South Rim trips are offered all year.
North Rim trips are offered from mid-May to mid-October.
Hours of operation are according to scheduled ride times.
Check-in is advised no later than an hour prior to ride time, or 6:15am if taking the overnight trail down to Phantom Ranch.


   Grand Canyon Mule Trip © by Bob Manning Thanks Murph!

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Jacob Tip:   You can actually mail postcards to your friends from the bottom of the Grand Canyon! When it gets to your friend it says "mailed from a mule at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!"
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