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Museum of Northern Arizona
Dinosaurs, Indians and Aminals!
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Nicholas' Review:
   The coolest part of this museum was the dinosaur part! The lady showing us around brought out real dinosaur bones that we could touch. I liked it, but after seeing how big his teeth were I am SOOOOO glad that I didn't live back then. He was definitely at the top of the food chain!

Melissa's Notes:
   The Museum of Northern Arizona is an absolutely amazing museum located in the heart of Arizona's Colorado Plateau. While it is a little smaller than other museums in large cities, it makes up for its size by being extremely detailed and filled with high quality exhibits that are quite impressive. This museum would make a great side trip for those visiting the Grand Canyon because it provides a wealth of information about the area that allows visitors to grasp the true essence of the region.

   Home to five permanent and three rotating galleries, each visitor is sure to find something here that will interest them. Whether you are interested in learning about the anthropology and cultural studies of the native tribes, seeing the amazing fine art that has been produced locally, studying the biology of the area, or researching the regional geology and land forms, this museum is sure to have something that will appeal to every visitor.

   The museum places a heavy emphasis on the culture and artifacts of the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and other tribes that are known to have lived in the Colorado Plateau area. Through art and culture, visitors will experience what it was like for these people to live in such a unique environment, and guests will learn about the influence that these native people have had on the world today. In addition to the wealth of information and artifacts about the history of the indigenous people, the museum has a Geology Gallery that is not to be missed.

   Kids will be amazed to find out that the local "mountains" are really part of a dormant volcano from millions of years ago. The biggest highlight of this gallery is the life size model of a dinosaur that was actually found in Northern Arizona. Even the outside of the museum is still part of the learning experience. The Life Zone Biology Exhibit allows hands-on exploration opportunities and features a nature trail and amphibian pond. Both written nature guides and docent-led tours are available so that visitors can fully understand and appreciate the artifacts and exhibits on display.

   This museum also has a great gift shop with a wide range of authentic native gifts, art, educational literature and more. It's a definite must-see before you leave!

3101 N. Fort Valley Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Admission (subject to change):
Adult (18-64): $10
Seniors (65+): $9
Students w/ID: $7
American Indians (10+): $6
Youth (10-17): $6
Child (0-9): FREE

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
9 - 5 daily
Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day


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Jacob Tip:   Bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch outside after you finish up with the nature trail.

Mom Note:   Second Saturday of every month is "Discovery Day" from 2-4pm. The museum offers many hands-on displays designed specifically to engage kids with the exhibits.

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