Pete's Route 66 Museum
    Americana history on the way to the Grand Canyon!
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Nicholas' Review:
   This place was just like the garage in Radiator Spring from the movie Cars! One of the cars out front even looked like Doc from the movie. My dad and I liked looking at all the old cars, and I thought the junky old gas pumps are really cool! I would want one in my front yard!

Melissa's Notes:
   Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum is the perfect pit stop if you are cruising through downtown Williams, Arizona, looking for a unique spot that is chock full of Americana history. The owner of this old-timey garage, Pete, has a love for all things related to old gas stations and Route 66 in particular. Nicholas and I both felt like we had stepped right into the movie Cars because of the old classic cars in the parking lot and the old timey gas pumps. There were gas pumps that were so old I'd never seen any like them before.

   Part gift shop and part memorabilia collection, this museum was a fun way to spend about forty-five minutes while exploring the town. Since it's so tiny, there's not that much to see, but the attendants really know their stuff and can tell you the history of just about everything in the museum.

   Like all old gas stations, there were a lot of really cool signs hanging all over the place here too and it was cool to see things like a sign advertising a Coke for a nickel. Speaking of cheap things - this museum is perfectly priced - FREE! Can't beat a deal like that!

101 E. Route 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Admission (subject to change):

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Daily: 9am - 9pm

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   Pete's Gas Station Museum © by Chris Crssd Thanks Chris!

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Jacob Tip:   I think as you grow up you should always try to be they kind of person that pulls off at the hokey tourist attraction, and helps people change a tire - makes life more fun!
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