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Nicholas' Review:
   This is one of the hardest places we have gone to hike cause we had to climb up some really hard parts. It was cool once we got to the top cause you could see all the way across the city! The only bad thing is that I was really tired after this hike.

Melissa's Notes:
   Lookout Mountain (elevation 2,054 feet) is a short, tough hike, but for those who persevere, it will be well worth it with a gorgeous 360-degree view of the valley below as the reward. The summit hike is only a brief half mile in length, but it is quite steep and treacherous. With lots of loose rock, the footing is slippery and hikers should be cautious while working their way to the summit.

   The views from the top of this mountain are fabulous, but for those just not quite able to channel their inner mountain goat, there is a second circumference trail that goes around the base of the mountain. This 2.6 mile hike is much easier than the summit trail. There is a wide variety of beautiful desert flora here, so this is a nice easier trail for those just looking to get out and appreciate the desert scenery.

   Note: Always be on the lookout for dangerous animals like rattlesnakes and scorpions while hiking.

14441 N. 18th St., Phoenix, AZ 85022

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Jacob Tip:   Stay hydrated while hiking. Getting dehydrated can cause you to not be as sharp mentally and you are more prone to accidents.
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