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    18 room eclectic mansion in Phoenix!
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Nicholas' Review:
   I can't believe all the stuff that this guy used to build his house! When he built his walls, he would put crazy stuff like shells and mirrors and even bones in there! It was really weird but kind of cool at the same time. He has so many cool things that other people thought were just trash. Now when mom tells me to clean my room, I can just tell her that I'm saving all the "trash" to create my own Mystery Castle!

Melissa's Notes:
   Mystery Castle isn't really a castle and there's not really a mystery attached to it, but it is a really cool place to visit and explore when you are looking for something to do around Phoenix. The story behind the castle says the builder, Boyce Luther Gulley, moved to Phoenix in 1930 where he spent fifteen years building the dream home for his only daughter, Mary Lou. After Gulley's death in 1945, Mary Lou learned of the unique home and moved to Phoenix with her mother to live in the fairy tale castle created just for her.

   Mary Lou loved the castle and wanted to share it with others, so she began offering tours of the home to help support herself and her mother. She continued offering tours for the next sixty-five years and through her dedication and the support of the Mystery Castle Foundation, she kept the house open. It is such a city treasure that it was designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride site.

   The castle is a majestic three story mansion with eighteen enchantingly artistic rooms that were created out of found materials. The scope of creativity found within this castle is astounding! Gulley incorporated all sorts of unique objects like handmade bricks, colored glass tiles, old wheels for windows, and many more quirky touches that make this home a true work of art. In addition to Gulley's own interesting decorating style, the castle also includes an original sofa by Frank Lloyd Wright, A pair of blue jeans worn by John Wayne, and furniture provided by Senator Barry Goldwater and Governor Hunt. It is truly a treasure to visit!

800 East Mineral Road, Phoenix, AZ

Admission (subject to change):
$10.00 for adults
$5.00 for children 5-15 years old

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Thu - Sun 11am - 4pm Oct thru June
Note: This attraction may be closed on rainy days due to dangerously steep and slippery steps. Call to verify opening.


   Mystery Castle © by Paula Stephens Thanks Paula!!!

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