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         The Children's Museum of Phoenix is a proud recipient of Parents magazine's 2011 Top 10 Children's Museums in the country!
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Nicholas' Review:
   I loved the Building Big area of the museum because I want to build houses when I grow up. I was able to be really creative and make lots of cool things while we played in this area! My brother and I built a huge fort out of the materials they had there and it was really cool!

Melissa's Notes:
   The Phoenix Children's Museum is a hands-on exploratory paradise for young children since the entire site is designed to encourage children to crawl, feel, play, draw, and explore their way through the three floors of fun! The exhibits at this museum are interactive and designed to stimulate children's imagination in ways unlike most other look-but-don't touch museums. In short, it fully embraces the educational theory of learning through play!

   When visiting the Children's Museum, if you need any assistance, look to the playologists and art studio assistants are there to help you have the best time possible. When visiting the museum stop in at the Creative Art Studio and recreate your own version of famous pieces of art, drop in and have a ball at the Grand Ballroom area, issue a friendly challenge to see who can create the most impressive structure in the Building Big area, or simply take a moment for quiet relaxation and reading in the Book Loft. The Noodle Forest is an area of tactile stimulation for kids of all ages, and the Schuff-Perini Climber is a huge play structure that allows kids to climb and explore - all while looking down at the three floors below! There are even areas designed specifically for our youngest visitors (those under age three) to play, touch and explore all sorts of delightful objects and participate in age appropriate activities.

   In addition to being a cool place to visit, the museum offers fun classes for kids ranging from yoga to math to art and more! Additionally, it is an ideal location for children's birthday parties, and the staff can help you design a party that is perfect for children of all ages!

215 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Admission (subject to change):
Children under age 1: Free
Members: Free (memberships begin at $125.00 per year)

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Tuesday - Sunday from 9:00 - 4:00
(Monday - Sunday during summer)


Fun things in Phoenix with young children? Try the Childrens Museum!

   Noodle Forest © by Sarah E. Thanks Sarah!

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Jacob Tip:   Did you know that many museums are non-profits? That means they aren't there to make money. I found out that this museum needed Sharpie markers, so I donated them to the museum so they could spend their money on important things like building cool exhibits for kids!
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