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         The Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park is a National Historic Landmark and an Arizona Point of Pride area.
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Nicholas' Review:
   This place was okay but you really have to use your imagination A LOT to figure out what it was like. When you go down the trail there is a mound of dirt where the Indians used to hang out. Also, there is a big hole in the ground which is the ballcourt where the Indians used to play outdoor ball games. I asked the lady showing us around if they played football cause that is my favorite sport, but she said they didn't even know about football way back then.

Melissa's Notes:
   Fifteen hundred years ago, the area near what is now Sky Harbor Airport was once the hub of a thriving native civilization -the Hohokam people. The Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park is a museum and active dig site that is determined to preserve this historic culture and share the history of the Hohokam tribe with the world today. The museum combines both interior and exterior features with three artifact galleries, a theater and an outdoor interpretive trail that contains the 1,500 year-old prehistoric ruins of Hohokam housing, entertainment and gardening.

   The museum is a working archaeological area that is constantly at work studying and interpreting the Hohokam culture. As one travels on the interpretive trail, visitors can explore the 800 year-old platform mound that was possibly used by the Hohokam for ceremonies, see the excavated ballcourt, or explore replicas of the Hohokam homes and canals.

   The museum galleries are a repository for all the items that have been excavated in the nearby areas and have an impressive sampling of historic tools, pottery pieces and jewelry pieces. The museum does a great job helping visitors to understand the complexity of this primitive tribe who had such a strong influence on the region. These ancient people were avid astrologers, capable farmers and competent engineers who mapped out and built thousands of miles of canals, some of which paths are still in use today.

   There is so much to see at this museum, but there are also a number of hands-on exhibits that allow both big and small visitors to explore how archaeologists actually do the work to preserve these historic sites and the artifacts that are found there. In addition to this, visitors can try their hand at creating their own pottery designs or building a miniature village. It is fun for everyone!

   To take home a little bit of the history, stop by the gift shop before you go. There are a number of authentically styled Hohokam items available for sale such as baskets, jewelry, pottery, kachina dolls and other native styled objects. The store also has a wide range of literature available for practically any interest.

4619 E. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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Jacob Tip:   Archaeology is cool, but it's a lot different than what you see on the Indiana Jones movies.
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