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Safford Review
by Dad

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So what are some of these fun family activities? Lets take a look.. This is Safford, ... desert sky island oasis.

25 family fun Things to do near Safford and Southern Arizona:

Safford Area
Mt. Graham & Riggs Lake
Mt. Graham Observatory
Council Rocks
Discovery Park
Gila Box & Bonita Creek
Graham County Museum
Hot Well Dunes Rec Area & Mineral Springs
Indian Bread Rocks
Luna Mimbres Museum, Deming, NM
Fort Bowie

Fun things on your way back West:

Ghost Town Loop
Cave Creek Canyon Complex
Chiricahua National Monument
Cochise Stronghold
Muleshoe Nature Preserve
Round Mtn Rockhound Area
Black Hills Rockhound Area
Roper Lake
Rucker Canyon
San Bernadino National Wildlife Refuge
Turkey Creek Complex
Wilcox - Museums

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