Garden Canyon
    Cliffs, Rock Climbing & Native American Petroglyphs
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Jacob's Review:
   There is really real trees along the road & you can see waterfalls if you look down the side trees. There were some Indians that lived in the woods - they drew on the walls - but they didn’t get in trouble for it like you will if you do it. And there is lots of flowers by the creek and I saw lots of little butterflies! A great hike, bike or horse ride, bike 8 Mi to the Top!

Dad's Notes:
   A well shaded Canyon, a continuous flowing creek, and has been inhabited by ancient peoples for thousands of years. Ancient petroglyph and smoke marks from thousands of years of campfires adorn the cliff walls in places - mix this with nice trees and a gurgling stream that has short waterfalls throughout the canyon makes for a nice cool shaded experience!

   Multiple picnic sites, I would recommend the 2nd picnic site - shaded, along the stream, and a good place to park for a hike or bike ride up the canyon. (The 1st site is better for really large groups).

   You can drive the dirt road up the canyon as well to get to the top for more picnic sites. On your way up watch for the Petroglyph sign - the are just off the road in the trees. The opposite cliff wall there is a trail that leads to a common rock climbing spot - you may often see climbers there.

   There are numerous side trails along the way for more challenging hike or bike, watch for ‘Crest Trail’ - it is the one to take if you are in search of the great spotted owl - but you do have to go deep in to find him.

Fort Huachuca, Huachuca Mountains

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Drive Directions:
From Tucson: 1 hour, 26 min
From Sierra Vista: 15 min
Garden Canyon is on post but you can come on post - just bring your registration, Insurance and Drivers License to the Main gate - you can get a day pass there. From the main gate proceed on 2 miles past Squire to Railroad St. Turn left and follow signs for the Air Force Aero Stat/Garden Canyon. A few miles down watch for fork in road to the right (just before the Aero Stat) into Garden Canyon.

   Best Kids outdoor gear site I found is


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Ft Huachuca Things To Do

Jacob Tip:   So many kinds of humming birds here that if you live by here you can get a red feeder and you will see them come, but keep it high so the bears don’t come to your house!
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