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Jacob's Review:
   There was real Woolly Mammoths here once - you can't see them there, but you can see one if you go to the inside museum (International Wildlife Museum).

Dad's Notes:
   Sierra Vista - 9,000 B.C. - Woolly Mammoth, giant Bison, Camels and Saber tooth Tigers roamed the valley - ancient peoples hunted these huge creatures armed with stick spears with stone points.

   Here, archeologist have uncovered 2 separate Mammoth hunting ‘Kill Sites’, with 12 Mammoth skeletons - complete with embedded spear points! The scene happened in ____ B.C.

   Probably the most important Archeological find in the United States, every archeology student, professor and professional knows of these 2 finds right in Sierra Vista!

   Overall the site is kind of lame, being the most important archaeological discovery in the US and the Gov’t has not done anything to make a better presentation. Future ideas for development for this site - I would do something similar to the underground archeology display at Tubac and some neat kids fossil discovery hands on exhibits at the Desert Museum (in case anyone is listening!).

   There is a nice trail with some signs, a little bridge (that needs some work) and it is very awe inspiring to walk the little trail where Woolly Mammoth used to roam and ancient Man hunted them with spears. Being in Sierra Vista everyone should go and walk or picnic here at least once! - (and write your Congressman asking for a State Park or exhibit to be put in!).

none, but possible museum plans (Contact your congressman)

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From Tucson: 1 hr 18 min
From Sierra Vista: 12 Minutes

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Jacob Tip:   Cool to walk around, but bring water - there isn't shade.
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