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Jacob's Review:
   The walk along the river is neat, but there isn't really anything to see at the place except some dirt bricks. But there was a lot of birds and animals along the river and we saw some illegal people that were camping there.

Dad's Notes:
   Into ancient, undiscovered ruins? There are old and ancient ruins nearby Sierra Vista - the ruins of one of 3 Spanish Presidio’s from the 1700’s (One becoming Tucson). It is amazing to me that this fort is but a few dirt mounds, yet the San Xavier Mission is still standing tall!

   An interesting note is that in July of 1776 (American Revolution), Apache Indians attacked the fort and killed 29 of the Spanish Soldiers garrisoned there. Continued Apache raids and attacks led to the eventual desertion of this fort.

   Another fact I find amazing is that there was a Hohokam settlement in the same spot! In fact the mud used to build the adobe bricks/walls actually contain pottery shards (700ad - 1400ad) and other ancient Hohokam artifacts!

   This Presidio is pretty much gone and to my knowledge - it has not been officially ‘dug’ archaeologically - so any artifacts you find on the site must remain there - however it would be a good idea to notify the UofA Department of Anthropology at 520-621-2585,

   If you look hard, you can find outlines of the numerous buildings, the gate and the wall that surrounded the fort. There are interpretive signs on the site to give you a better idea of what it was like.

   Overall this site doesn't have a lot to see by itself - but combined with a trek to the numerous other sites (and river) nearby it makes for a good day of exploring! For more details on the map to the right look here. if you are looking for more of a museum type fort - see the Art Museum in Tucson page.

Drive Directions:
92 North out of Sierra Vista about 9 miles to Mustang Corners in Whetstone, right on Hiway 82 towards Tombstone. About 10 miles left just after river bridge.

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