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Sierra Vista Things to Do!

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Things to Do in Sierra Vista!

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Jacob's Review:
   This is a real cowboy town - people dress up like cowboys and there is gun fights and you see see buildings that are still old! There are not a lot of rides like the other place (Old Tucson Studios) but it is very neat and you will like it. There is gold panning and a real stagecoach you can ride, too!
  This is a very fun place to go, there are a lot of real cowboys walking around on the street and you can ride a real stage coach with real horse. The streets are wood and mostly everything is like the old days - even the stores!

Dad's Notes:
   The original wildwest town of Tombstone is still there! The town caters of course to the Tourist - but some idea of it remains as it was. Numerous Saloons, restaurants, shops and ice cream parlors along with the historical exhibits and displays. There is some great western, antique and artisan shopping here - also rocks, mineral and western & antique apparel (including an ‘Olde Fashioned Seamstress that custom makes the olde style clothes).

  The tourist stuff is a great place for kids and families with something always going on. There are daily re-enactments, some neat shopping and dining and tons of touristy attractions to do and see - the major items to do:

OK Corral & Historama
     Jacob:  There was a real gunfight here in the cowboy days and you can watch people do the fight there again - but it isn’t real bullets - but they are loud guns so little kids might get scared.
     Dad:  OK Corral - This is THE OK corral - still here! There are daily reenactments of the OK Corral famous gunfight (about 2pm). You will witness Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, the other Earps, McLaury’s and Clantons in the historic event. The Historama ha displays, wax figures and multimedia productions about the history of Tombstone.
     Daily 9-5, reenactment @ 2p 520-457-3456
     About $6 for all

Big Nose Kates
     Jacob:  This is a old cowboy saloon - it is a real one - and there is real cowboys there all the time! You can eat lunch there and you can go downstairs in an underground place that a guy used to live in this cave under the bar and he would dig up gold there!
     Dad:  Once the famous Grand Hotel, a really neat place to eat lunch with the family - bring a camera!
     520-457-3107 - Free to go through the ‘Shaft’ Museum.

Bird Cage Theater
     Jacob:  This is a real theater where they would have shows - it was before movies but it was like movies, Cept’ the people where really standing there and being the movie for real.
     Dad:  This theater/bordello/bar still contains all original furnishings.
     520-457-3421 (800-457-3423)
     About $5.

Epitaph Newspaper Museum
     Jacob:  They make real old time newspapers here!
     Dad:  Tombstones 1880’s newspress - shows machinery and process of the old art of newsprint - you can get a reprint of the 1881 newspaper that ran the story of the OK Corral showdown.
     Daily 9:30 - 5 520-457-2211

Boot Hill Cemetery
     Jacob:  This is where some cowboys where buried. There is a song about this place I think.
     Dad:  250 Cowboys and folk, OK Corral gunfight losers and others. There are some great shops & restaurants both on the way and at Boothill.
     FREE! Daily 7:30 - 6p
     520-457-9344 (800-457-9344)

Rose Tree Museum & Books
     Jacob:  This is a giant Rose tree that is older than my Dad!117 yr old & worlds largest Rose tree.
     Dad:  Also Tombstone museum and artifacts and gift shop. Daily 9-5 About $3

Helldorado Ampitheater
     Jacob:  There is gunfight cowboy shows here, they use real guns with candle bullets - the are loud and might be scary for little kids, but they won't hurt anyone.
     Dad:  Different groups with different shows - times vary but usually around:
     M-F 12 & 3, Sa-S 11:30, 1 & 3p & Hangings by appt.
     About $4 - 520-457-3434

6 Gun City Wild West Show
     Jacob:  You can eat here and watch a cowboy show. - There is Trees for shade for the shows.
     Dad:  This full restaurant & bar with picnic tables and shade puts on western shows
     W-F 11:30a & 3p, Sa & S 11:30, 1 & 3p.
     $4 (last time I went) 520-457-3827

Tombstone Courthouse State Park
     Jacob:  This is an old time Judge court. There is guns and pictures of old tyme people there.
     Dad:  State run Tombstone museum, the real deal facts, the original building and county seat.
     About $4 Adults
     Daily 8-5

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