Sentinel Peak Park
    ‘A’ Mountain
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         Recommended by: Ben Lind
Tucson Things to Do!

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Jacob's Review:
   A neat walking place, you can see baby (Saguaro) cactuses, before they get arms on them. You can go by the Giant A to take a really good picture of all the downtown and houses in the whole Tucson.

   You can go on the other side of the mountain to the old lookout if you want a picture of the sunset. There is people here flying remote control planes sometimes!

Dad's Notes:
   This should be your first Tucson Tourist destination and activity on your things to do list!An incredible scenic view of Tucson, picnicking and Hiking Trails. Sitting almost downtown this is the way to start your tour of the Tucson area. This little mountain by the river has been inhabited as early as 800 AD. Somewhere around the 1500’s the early Hohokam Indians had vanished and been replaced by the Piman people. One of these tribes, the “Schuk-Shon” meaning ‘at the foot of the black mountain’ was pronounced ‘Tucson’ by the Spainiards.

   From the top you can see many of the trails frequented by hikers and runners.

Sentinel Peak Rd, Tucson, AZ

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Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
M- Sa 8a - 8p
u - 8a - 6p

Drive Directions:
Tucson: 6 min off I-10 and Congress
Sierra Vista: 1 hr, 16 min
I-10 to Congress exit #256, South (away from downtown) about 8 blocks just before the road turns hard to the right take a left on Cuesta Ave. The road name changes to Sentinel Peak Rd, and goes to the top of the mount.

Sentinel Peak Park -
   Terrible Towel at Tucson, AZ by David Fulmer Thanks David!

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Tucson Things To Do
Jacob Tip:   Give your kids a 'Kids Camera' - (You can start a photo album of their pictures!) For better pictures get a lot closer than you think you should!
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