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Pima Air & Space Museum
    Hundreds of Aircraft and the airplane museum!
Tucson Things to Do!

Tucson Things to Do!

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Jacob's Review:
   It´s really cool, you can walk through airplane one that was for the president. It´s about airplanes and space craft - they have the fastest airplane is there. There is a jetpack outer space simi-later there that is really fun. There is a robot claw like on mars spaceships.

   There is all these different buildings and you can go and see different things at every building. There is bomb planes that drop bombs on bad guys bases, they are bigger than your house, you couldn´t even touch the wing if you where on your Dad´s shoulders, and I mean really big.

   There is regular old flying planes, planes that are fighting planes and a big huge balloon plane that carries space supplies from NASA. The black bird plane was so cool - it is one of the fastest planes in the world. It is black and it can get refilled with gas in the air.

   There is so many cool planes there that it will take you a long time to see them all. Oh, and there is Army barracks that are the same as the ones the still have from WWII. You can eat hamburgers there, too.

Dad's Notes:
   Jacob said it - This place is Huge - 5 hangers/museums, a space expoloratorium, memorial and hundreds of outdoor display planes that include B-29´s, SR-71, an Air Force one (JFK) and full size remote control planes, just to name a few. It would be hard to do/see everything here in a day and to get to the Air Force Boneyard as well.

   This is great for getting kids interested in science, flight, engineering or aeronautics. A must see/do in Tucson! There is a cafe and picnic areas.

   You can get a Combo tix this & Titan Missile Museum for around $15 (You don´t have to use them the same day)

6000 E. Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ

Admission (subject to change):
Adults around $10,
Jrs about $6

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):daily 9a-4p
Closed Christmas & New Year

Drive Directions: See Map  Tucson: 18 min
Sierra Vista: 1 hr 22 min


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Tucson Things To Do
Jacob Tip:   If you get a map when you go in it will show you how to get to the planes you want to see! It is also fun for me and other kids to show the parents the way to go!
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