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Scotty's Review:
   We went to the museum for the summer music festival. It was incredible! We chilled out on the grass at this thing called an amphitheatre. The music was fun! I got to hear blue grass and folk music. I want to go to the festival every year!

Dad's Notes:
   The Golden History Museum is a distinctive place to visit. It's new and old all at once. The museum dates back to the late 1930s when local citizens started to collect, preserve, and display local artifacts. The entire community took an interest in finding and preserving their history. Over the years the museum changed locations as the collection grew. It has called 923 10th Street home since the late 1990s.

   The Golden History Centers starts your exploration of Golden's unique collection. Artifacts total over 15,000 items! You could easily spend a day or tour exploring the exhibits and catching events, lectures, and programs. Community support is a focal point of the museum. Even tourists quickly begin to feel like part of the community when they explore the museum.

   The Music Festival is a yearly staple of the Golden History Museum. You can find dates, times, and other pertinent information on the museum website. The festival is a local fundraising event filled with local music and exhibits. It's a great place to relish toe-tapping live folk, bluegrass, and Americana music.

   If you'll be in the area for a week plus, a great event for the kids to check out is the Hands-on History camp. Registration can be found online, and you should try to register about 10 months out. The camp engages children with various aspects of local history. The camp combines indoor and outdoor activities. A lively aspect of the camp is Silent Starts. Kids ages 9-11 can participate. They form teams to write, direct, film, and even start in their own imaginative silent movie.

923 10th Street, Golden, CO 80401

Admission (subject to change):
Kids 6 & Under: Free

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Summer Season (May1 - October 31):
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Sunday: Noon - 4:30 p.m.
Closed: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day


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Jacob Tip:   After checking out the music festival it made me wonder if anything like it happened in my home town. So I did some searching and with my Mom's help we found a lot of music and art festivals that happen right in our home city! I bet there are local events where you live too.
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