Seven Falls
    One of the 7 Wonders of Colorado!
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         Recommended by: James Hull
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Adam's Review:
   That is a lot of steps! You might want to practise hiking before you go if you are going to do the whole thing! But it is sooo worth it! I think this is the best waterfall in Colorado and better than a lot of the ones in other states!

   Even without the falls (which you need to go see) it was a cool place to visit. Go to the park between the middle of May and Labor day. You see the area lit up with a bunch of colors. We fed fish. We also learned alot about nature. We walked through both the trails and went to an Indian dance. We ate outside of the cafe. It was peaceful and quiet, and the BBQ was tasty.

Christine's Notes:
   This is simply amazing! I had underestimated the visual impact this would have on me and the kids. I could stand there and look at it for hours. There seems to be an energy or vitality you may feel. Do be prepared for a lot of stairs iof you want to do the hike!

   Even when you look behind you, you can prairies that extend as far as your eyes can see. Over the foothills, you will witness a green and rocky area. The streams add a nice touch to your view, while the canyon is absolutely beautiful. The trickling falls are a breath of picturesque, fresh air.

   I'm a huge fan of wildlife, and there is definitely plenty to learn about and plenty to see in person. We walked the 224-step stairs to the Eagle's Nest Observation platform, which provides you with a sight that you will never forget. I'm very much looking forward to visiting the falls when they host their annual Christmas tradition that includes reindeer, Santa and basically a winter wonderland.

   They also do a light show night light up tour that I hear is pretty and impressive!

Seven Falls Co. 2850 S. Cheyenne Canyon Road Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Admission (subject to change):
Adults $9.25
Children (6-15) $5.75

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Monday through Sunday: 8:30am-10pm

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Jacob Tip:   Did you know that there are different types of waterfalls? Some examples include a cascade, a cataract, a block/sheet, a plunge, tiered, punchbowl and a horsetail.
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