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Jacob's Review:
   I think I had the best night of my summer here! We got to camp out overnight at the zoo and it was awesome. My favorite part was the special glasses they gave us. They weren’t really glasses. I think the guide called them scopes, but they were so cool! I got to see the animals with night vision. I saw animals I never got to see during the day. I really want to campout again!

Dad's Notes:
   The Denver Zoo is a treasure trove for animal enthusiasts. The zoo’s primary mission is to educate humans about animals to promote a better world for wildlife. They are 80 acres large and found in Denver’s historic City Park. Mammals, fish, invertebrates, amphibians, birds, and plant life of all kinds inhabit the grounds. You’ll see exotic animals including amur leopards, black rhinos, vampire bats, and king cobras.

   You can participate in activities bringing you up close and personal with the animals. The Bunk with the Beasts program lets you observe many nocturnal animals afterhours while you “sleepover” in a small group. The zoo will also host birthday parties via reservation. You can even rent a classroom or meeting room at the Gates Wildlife Conservation Education Center.

   Tot Trekkers is the program to check out for even the most discriminating toddler. The program is a play-based activity. It includes animal visits, fun stories, and age-appropriate crafts. The Family Book Club is another fun-filled activity containing excitement for even the youngest zoo-lover. For children ages 9 and up, the Zoo You program is a highlight! It gives an insider view of the exhibits, animals, and daily work of the zookeepers. The programs at the zoo usually charge an admission fee that varies. Check their event and program lineup when planning your trip.

   The Denver Zoo houses 14 African species at Predator Ridge, an extraordinary $16.5 million dollar exhibit showcasing the zoo on the national attraction scene with a bang. The exhibit recreates a sampling of Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve. You cannot help but feel like you’re on safari as you wind through rock outcroppings and awe-inspiring scenery to magnificent animals.

   Don’t miss the Indoor Komodo Dragon Exhibit. It’s the world’s largest. You’ll experience the tropics and even have the chance to get close to reptiles upwards to 10-feet long and 250 pounds! The zoo’s array of exhibits supplies a sampling of animals from around the world—Africa, Asia, North America, The Rainforest, and more. Take a trip around the globe by visiting the Denver Zoo!

2300 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80205

Admission (subject to change):
Summer Tickets (March 1 – October 31)
Ages 12 – 64: $15
Ages 65+: $12
Ages 3 – 11: $10
Ages 2 and under: FREE

Winter Tickets (November 1 – February 29)
Ages 12 – 64: $12
Ages 65+: $10
Ages 3 – 11: $8
Ages 2 and under: FREE

Memberships and Group Discounts are available.

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Summer Hours (March 1 – October 31)
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Winter Hours (November 1 – February 29)
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Open every day of the year unless otherwise posted on their website.

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Jacob Tip:   Did you know an endangered species is a type of animal in danger of dying out? You can help keep animals off the Endangered Species List by participating in zoo programs. The more we learn about wildlife, the better we protect and coexist with the animals on our planet.
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