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         Recommended by: John and Mary Elitch
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Jacob's Review:
   Best place ever! I rode the Crazy Bus with my big sister. We sat on this really cool bus that rose up and dropped us round and round. I wish the bus ride to school was as fun as this bus. And the water rides here are great!

Dad's Notes:
   Elitch Gardens has been a landmark in Denver since 1890. The name was inspired by the lush gardens found on Denver’s West side. In 1994 Elitch Gardens moved into downtown so the ride selection could expand. Originally, Six Flags owned the theme park. In 2007 they sold out to PARC Management, a Florida-based theme park company.

   The most popular and well-known rollercoaster is the Twister II. It’s a 10-story superstructure. The world-class coaster is fully wooden and features a 90-foot drop. The blackout tunnel is designed to thrill, and when I say “blackout” I mean blackout. The tunnel is pitch-black!

   Thrill rides are the staple of theme parks. Whether we’re young or old, most of us hit the theme park with the want to race on rollercoasters and conquer our fears on dropping, shaking, rattling, and rolling rides. Elitch Gardens does not disappoint.

   The Mind Eraser is a suspended riding coaster (legs and feet are left to dangle). It flashes through rollovers, plunges into dives, and sends you spiraling through corkscrew spins at speeds over 50mph. The Boomerang is a steel rollercoaster with forward and backward vertical loops. The Sidewinder is another popular steel coaster designed to through you for a loop.

   You can catch “the ultimate Rocky Mountain high” by riding the Tower of Doom. The ride clicks you up into the sky 200 feet above ground before a free-fall to the ground. The Tower is an awesome way to get a good view of the area, but be ready for the plunge!

   No theme park is complete without a water park. Drop onto the Island Kingdom. The water park offers a relaxing wave pool and fun waterslides. A visit to Island Kingdom will cool you off on a hot summer day, help you relax after a scenic plunge from the Tower of Doom or decompress after a morning of rollercoaster riding.

2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, NC 80204

Admission (subject to change):
Adults 48” and Over: $44
Children Under 48”: $30
Season Pass: $80

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Water Park is open Memorial Weekend through Labor Day.


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Jacob Tip:   Rollercoasters are so much fun! You can get used to them by riding the smaller ones first. By the time you finish the small ones you’ll want to ride the huge ones!
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