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Lilly's Review:
   The garden in so much fun! They have this really cool koi pond the fish are so friendly you can even pet them. I know it sounds sort of crazy but the biggest one named Kobe will swim right up to your hand in the water. One time when I went we were looking at all the flowers and there was a butterfly that landed on my hand.

Mom's Notes:
   When the weather is right this is a great place for all ages! They have amazing features as well as regular special events. When you first walk in you are welcomed by giant metal sunflowers and a huge watering can the kids can go inside. To make this feature even cooler the kids can actually work a pump and water comes out of the watering can and pours into a unique rock feature were they can play and experiment with how the water moves.

   The one downfall of this feature is that it takes a lot of pumping to get the water to keep coming. Which means mom ends up doing all the work! On the upside I had absolutely no guilt skipping the gym that day. Next we like to walk over to this little bright pink play house. This Doctor Seuss themed house is just adorable and the kids love playing in it. Just outside the house is a nice little sand area for the younger kids. As you continue to venture around the garden you will see all the plants are labeled so it is easier to answer your little ones questions if you are like me and know nothing about flowers. There is a beautiful koi pond, fun little huts, and beautiful sculptures.

   This garden is fun to visit anytime with all ages, but for ages 2-4 you have got to try to make it to a Read and Seed! This is a fun little program that includes a story, craft, and depending on the season you get fish food to feed the koi after. For only $3 it is a great activity and they love feeding the fish.

   Link to Read and Seed days and times: They also have a self serve mulch pile that is the best price in town…FREE. Just bring a truck and shovel and load up.

2145 Centre Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80526

Admission (subject to change):
$3 suggested donation

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
May-Sep: Mon-Fri 9a-5p, Sat 9a-4p, Sun noon-5p
Oct-Apr: Mon-Fri 9a-5p, Sat 9a-4p, Sun-closed


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Jacob Tip:   Make sure you wear shoes that can get wet because sometimes you slip off the stepping stones by the fish.
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