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Cody's Review:
   Wow! Went to MOSH today. It was so much fun. The planetarium was awesome. We saw Sesame Street and lots of stars. We also saw dinosaur bones and whale bones. The baby was cute. There was a neat part where we went in a big mouth and though the stomach. That was a little gross. We saw lots of neat animals. The gator was the best. It looked so mean. The history section was boring.

Mom's Notes:
   The Museum of Science and History, also called MOSH, was a very interesting museum. It was packed full of exhibits. If you pay a little extra, you get to go to the planetarium. I highly recommend that. Cody enjoyed watching Sesame Street and the stars.

   Even though MOSH boasts of the planetarium, it is full of more to see. They have a dinosaur exhibit going on now. The T-Rex is forty two feet long. She is the biggest and most complete set of dinosaur bones. You must come quick, because she is on loan for just a few months.

   There is also a complete section of wildlife that is native to Florida. Be sure to stop and see all of the creatures included alligators, which was my son's favorite part.

   There is a lot of information about water in the museum. They have a lot of skeletons of creatures such as a whale and her baby. They also have a complete aquarium. A complete section shows you how water actually works. The best part is you get to stay dry during the whole process!

   One exhibit is called the body within. You get to walk through a human mouth, through the digestive system, and out of the rear end. It is a very interesting exhibit. It is fascinating while also a little gross. But what is a museum of science and history without history? There are several exhibits about the history of Florida. There is also a special section where you can see items that are from other museums.

   There is so much to see and do at the Museum of Science and History. Even if you do not live in Florida, it will be well worth the trip. You may even try to do it soon so that you can see the T-Rex. Also, pay a few dollars extra just to see the planetarium. It is well worth it.

1025 Museum Circle, Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Admission (subject to change):
Adults: $10
Children (3-12): $8
Seniors and Active Military: $8.50

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Monday - Thursday: 10 am -5 pm
Friday: 10 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am-6 pm
Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm


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Jacob Tip:   Check out the planetarium. That was awesome!
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