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Asteroids Java Gameby Mike Hall.

The classic first video game from back in the day! The sounds may take a bit to load.

JacobTip: Remember to turn the sound down on your computer so it doesn't scare you when it starts!
IceBlox Java Game by Karl Hörnell.

We had to have a penguin game of course! Grab all the gold coins before the evil flames get you. You break the ice by running into it. Knock out the flames by pushing ice cubes into them!
Tetris Java Game by Per Cederberg

The block piece puzzle challange. How low can you go?

JacobTip: If you have this on Gameboy you can use a cable and play against other people!
Tailgunner Java Game by Mike Hall

An amazing game - hi-speed,loud, and cool space ships!

JacobTip: If you use BOTH your mouse buttons you can shoot super fast!
Lemonade Stand by Derek Ramey

A great business learning game!

JacobTip: I made my first dollar selling a lemonade stand!
PingPong Java Game by Karsten M. Nielsen

PingPong is reminiscent of the original Pong game that started the home video game industry.
Tempest Java Game by Nick D'Arcy

The block piece puzzle challenge. How low can you go?

JacobTip: You can jump over the star pieces if they get on your ring. Oh, and if you hold down the move arrows you can move really faster around the ring!
Ball Java Game by Jason Fondren

Can you delete ALL the balls? All you need is 2 touching (or more) to clear them. Prior planning necasary to clear them all!

JacobTip: Pretty easy game to play, but not to win at!

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Word Search Java Game by Mike Hall

Word search! Changes order every time - never the same game.

JacobTip: Keep clicking the new game button to see the different categories! (Sometimes my Dad puts my spelling words on here too.)
Java PacMan by Brian Postma

Modeled after the arcade classic! Look for other Pac games coming to JacobGuide.com soon!

JacobTip: You have to be quick to turn when you want too. Avoid the ghosts unless they are blue! There are too many ghosts though!
Lunar Lander Java Game by John Donohue

Slow down the lander before it crashes on the planet!

JacobTip: Turn your volume down before clicking to this game! Pretty easy for kids too!
UFO Attack Game by Sergio

Fun little missile guiding game - hi-speed,loud, and cool space ships! Good practise for TOW gunners.

JacobTip: the easiest way to shoot them is to keep the crosspoint on the UFO.
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