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Special Thanks to Asteroids program author Mike Hall!

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Using a PopUp Blocker ~  Hold Shift button!
Wait for the applet and sounds to load, then click on the applet area and press the 'S' key to start.

Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Occasionally a flying saucer will appear and attempt to shoot you down with guided missles. Destroy it or the missles for more points.

You begin with three ships, a bonus ship is awarded for every 5000 points scored.

Keyboard Controls
Key Description Key Description
S Start Game P Pause Game
Cursor Left Rotate Left Cursor Right Rotate Right
Cursor Up Fire Thrusters Cursor Down Fire Retro Thrusters
Spacebar Fire Cannon H Hyperspace
M Toggle Sound D Toggle Graphics Detail
Object Points
Large Asteroid 25
Small Asteroid 50
UFO 250
Missle 500
Asteroids Java game is a fun kid and family activity for a break while planning your family fun and things to do. The Jacob Guide goal is to provide not only online games but also to promote outdoor fun activities in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Washington State, and Florida. To include Killeen, Temple, Austin, Waco, Copperas Cove, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Nogales, Denver, Seattle, Tacoma, Fort Lewis, Fort Huachuca, Fort Drum and fun in the mountains and ocean. From Hiking, biking, kyaking, mountain biking, boating, camping and more. Support your local cub and boy Scouts, great for family and child fun, while teaching responsibility and morals.
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