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Print & Play!
Tic-Tac Game Sheets just print, fold & play!

Got the kids at the office? Print a few of these to keep them entertained for a bit! Also helps teach kids about thinking ahead. Have they mastered Tic-Tac? Every game a draw? Time to teach them chess!

JacobTip: Once you learn this good, you can be better at other stuff by thinking ahead just like this!
Paper Airplanes! by Dad

Here are a few airplanes I know from when I was a kid, we put the folding directions right on the plane - so just print, fold and fly!!!
Fold ~n~ Fly!
Dots Game

Take turns connecting 2 dots, whomever draws the closing side of the box puts their initial in the box! The most boxes wins!
Plate The States! © by Dad & Michelley

License Plate Tracker! US State map to mark off license plates as you drive! Helps kids focus outside the car! They start to notice the world around them and before you know it they are asking all kinds of neat questions about this or that, starts fun family discussions and teaches geography!

JacobTip: This is really neat to keep in the car, ours isn't done yet ~ but we did see a Hawaii plate!
Jacob Tank © pencil game

This is a fun pencil game that Jacob and I developed from an old game I played with some kids in grade school at Centennial grade school and Grant Junior High in Littleton, Colorado!

JacobTip: A fun game on paper! It is like a video game but more fun!
Cootie Catcher! © by Michelley

Also called "The Fortune Teller"! Pre-printed in multiple formats to print, fold and play! You can also color it to add another fun step!

JacobTip: It is neat to make stuff to play with!
Hangman game

The old hangman game! Some rules and pre~printed sheets.
Coloring Pages by Dad

Kids bored at the office? Some Pre-Printed coloring sheets to keep the kids entertained!

JacobTip: Grandma Su-z taught me a neat trick! You can use the black crayons to go over the lines and it looks like you drew the whole thing. It also helps you learning to draw!
Naval Battle ~ Just print and play!

A classic kids game started on paper and now brought to paper again! Just print fold and fire away!

JacobTip: This is a cool game for the car, because you can play people in the front seat and they can's see your ships!
Optical Illusions Amaze and wonder

Some neat optical tricks demonstrated and explained!

JacobTip: Some of these are really neat!
Car Bingo

Print 1 sheet per person! Up to 4 people can play at a time. For more bingo sheets they will be included in the book "Mom's Car Fun!" coming soon to the Jacob Guide site near you!

JacobTip: If you look in backyards you can find a dog, wagon and sometimes a tractor!
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Color~a~Card © by Dad

More than just a coloring page ~ this is already laid out to fold into a neat greeting card! Just print, color & fold!

JacobTip: This makes making thank you notes fun!
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