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The Bat Bridge
    Congress Street Bridge
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Jacob's Review:
   There is a nice grass area with a lot of signs about the bats. It tells you how much they can eat and other interesting stuff about them. You will see the bats come out and when you think they have all come out, more keep coming out.
   I've never seen so many bats. The sign says there are more than a million that live in there. I didn't think so many could live in that small space. They are super-faster than birds but you can't even hear them flying! It's amazing!! I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to count them to know how many there are because there were so many and they were so fast.

Dad's Notes:
   You can park in the newspaper lot if there is room or on the downtown side (North). It is quite an amazing sight - the bats leave in large unending waves, silent and just over your head. They fly within inches of trees, flowing like water around trees and obstacles. You can hear them in the bridge but not while they are flying.

   They start exiting right at sundown and continue for at least an hour. Good viewing from the grass area under the bridge, or from the bridge looking down or in the water, we saw people in kayaks and on boat tours.

   There is also a long walking/biking trail along the river. It is a very pretty area all along there and with downtown all lit up! You can find out when sunset is going to be by checking an online weather page like and you should plan to get there early as it gets crowded. If you want to take pictures, you will want to be down on the trail when they come out, otherwise the trees tend to block them.

Congress Avenue Bridge.
Parking: You can park in the Austin American Statesman parking lot after 6 pm.

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

Phone Numbers:
512.416.5700 #3636

Bats usually start emerging around dusk
Best season: Mid March - Early Nov

Drive Directions:   35S to Austin, in Austin take exit 234B or 234C, turn right (West) about 6 blocks to Congress, turn left on Congress. Take first left after Congress Bridge into Bat Viewing Area.

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Jacob Tip:   You can play I Spy in the car with your Mom or Dad - you look at something like a stop sign and say "I see something red and straight".
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