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Austin Rock Climbing
    Austin Rock Gym's and outdoor beginner climbing routes
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Jacob's Review:
   My friend who moved to Austin invited me to come to his party at the Rock Gym. I'm so glad my dad said yes. We had a great time, the place is huge, but we wanted to stay longer. One of my friend's new friend's, he was scared because he's never been rock climbing before but my friend and I had been before he moved so we knew what to do and we showed him what to do and that it really wasn't scary and he tried it and was glad he did because he had so much fun with us.
   Maybe we'll get to go back. And now that my dad knows where it is, we won't drive around in circles looking for it because it sure doesn't look like you're in the right place, even though you are.

Dad's Notes:
   We were invited to a party at the South Austin Rock Gym. Jacob is right. This place is hard to find because it's in a warehouse surrounded by other warehouses. When I called for directions, I was in the right area but I didn't think so. Anyway, the kids, and the adults that climbed, had a blast. Their only complaint was that it ended too quick. The party was allotted 2 hours but the kids all wanted to stay all day. The staff was friendly and helpful.

   The South Gym is pretty big. The climbing walls are up to 30 feet tall and there are a variety of different routes for different skill abilities. Safety is huge here too. They make you show them that you know how to climb before they will let you have at it. After you show them that you know what you're doing, they leave you to have your fun. In addition to parties, they also offer summer camps and corporate events, etc.

South Austin Rock Gym, 4401 Freidrich Ln. Suite 300 - Austin, TX 78744

North Austin Rock Gym, 8300 N. Lamar Suite B102 - Austin, TX 78753

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):
Day pass- $10-$15
Rental for shoes and harness- $5 each

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
Monday - Friday 3pm- 10pm
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 10am - 7pm

   Rock Climber by Adam Kemp Thanks Adam!

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Jacob Tip:   Rock climbing shoes should be a little tight - more than regular shoes!
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