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Austin Nature Center
    (like a Zoo) near Zilker Park, Austin!
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Jacob's Review:
   The Austin Nature Center is cool, they have a real beehive inside a building. It's inside a glass case and there are so many bees you can't even count them all! The bees are making honey that you could really eat!! (Try Honey in Oatmeal with banana's! Yum) The bees can get out though because they have a tube to outside and if you go outside and look, you'll see the bees flying in and out. They won't sting you if you don't touch them!
   The Austin Nature center is also cool because there are a lot of Texas animals there!! They have skunks (but don't worry they don't smell because they are nice skunks). There is a coyote, hawks and some I haven't seen before.

Dad's Notes:
   There is a lot more to the nature center than I thought there would be, there is the learning center building with the beehive, but also it has full size educational dioramas that the kids can play on and around, in another room tons of fossils and little educational games that are all hands on! Outside was a nature trail (Jacob loves leading the way on the 'exploration'), and a variety of native animals like the ones Jacob mentioned and many more. Definitely a good way to spend an afternoon with the kids!!

Austin Nature & Wildlife Center
301 Nature Center Drive, Austin, TX 78746-5775

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 12-5pm


Drive Directions:   From Killeen: 190 to 35S to Austin, Exit 234A, 1st St. Right on 1st to Lamar. Left on Lamar then right on Barton Sprgs Rd. Thru park, right on Stratford, under Hiway Bridge, then left into Austin Nature Center.

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Jacob Tip:   They have kids digital cameras now - great for kids cuz you don't have to buy any film! You should get a family picture here!
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