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Longhorn Caverns
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Jacob's Review:
   This cave is very curvy. You can see some bats in the cave (just ask your guide to point them out). It looks like you're in a castle at the first part before you go into the cave! There is a lot of neat old castle buildings made out of rocks. There is crystal rooms with these square crystals all on the walls.

Dad's Notes:
   This is a beautiful place - both outside the cave and in! The beginning of the cave is an awesome sight, a natural bridge giant stone walls - (people have had weddings there). It is a great place to sit and get inspired!

   This huge cavern system was formed by an underground river. There are huge crystal rooms (Calcite crystals) and many flowstones. Look closely in the 'turn around room' you can see where ancient flowstones were carved into by the river.

   It's nice & cool inside the cave, 68 degrees year round. The tour is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, so I recommend comfortable shoes and having the kids go to the bathroom before the tour! Jacob got a kick out of the tour - kids will like it!

   There is a special lantern tour twice a month that goes into a lower cavern system, a Sam Bass mystery night. Also, the guide will elaborate on some really neat history of the cave including the Indian council room, dance hall, confederate ammo stores and church services!


Near Burnet, Tx

Admission (subject to change):
$8 Adults, $4.50 6-12yrs

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Sa-Su 10-5 tours every hour,
Including 5p (be 15 min prior)


Drive Directions:
About an hour and a half from Killeen
190W 28m to Lampasas, left 281S to Burnet, continue 5 miles - watch for Longhorn Caverns/Inks State Park sign. Stay on park road for 7 miles to large stone building of Caverns entrance. Along the way watch for the Castle!

Longhorn Caverns picnic area and caverns!

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Jacob Tip:   Some of the people who come to the cave don't know this, but you can go to the top of the Castle (the CCC Building) there is a stairway in the back! Also you should bring a laser pointer to shine into the crystals in the crystal room of the cave!
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