Pedernales Falls State Park
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         Recommended by: Jeff Lynch
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Jacob's Review:
   We saw armadillo holes! Man it is steep, it is neat to eat lunch, see the plants and butterflies fly by. The trails can be kinda hard to go down, but you don't have to if you don't want to.
   The lake (river) is pretty & you can swim in it, I saw dragon flies and lizards with really long tails - and I saw a Woolly Bully caterpillar.
   There is big rocks to climb on and it looks like your on the moon. There is a sandy beach along the river were people swim and fish - and you can find little sea shells in the sand!

Dad's Notes:
   There is a lot to see and do here - picnic areas, hiking, camping, mountain biking - swimming area is great - like Jacob mentioned there is sandy beaches along the river, nice clear blue green swimmin holes in the river. I recommend life jackets for the kids that aren't great swimmers. The swimmin area is great - but don't miss the falls (two separate areas)!

   There is a few mountain bike trails - the best is 7 miles. You will get a map as you come in. The falls is very scenic, lots of smooth boulders, wide low-rolling falls into clear pools and carved water chutes. Take a hike upstream over the falls, lots of boulders here to climb on, or just sit and relax on the rocks by the falls and enjoy!

Near Johnson City

Admission (subject to change):
$4 gate,
$16 RV, $7 tent

Phone Numbers:
Park 830-868-7304
Reservations 512-389-8900

Hours(subject to change):
Day Use 9a - 10p

Drive Directions:
About 2 hours from Killeen ~ worth the drive!
From Killeen take 190 west 28m to Lampasas, Turn Left on 281 south 52m (past marble) falls to Johnson city. Turn Left (just after 290W) on FM 2766 9m to park entrance.

   Curves - Pedernales Falls © by Jeff Lynch Photography Thanks Jeff!

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Things To Do near Marble Falls
Jacob Tip:   When you are climbing on rocks you can use your last handhold as a foothold as you go up!
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