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Art Car Museum
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         Recommended by Justin & his Mom!
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Justin's Review:
   The Art Car Museum was a really cool place to visit. I normally don't like museums because they are really boring and about regular art, but I loved this place! All the cars were awesome, and my favorites were the ones that had extra stuff on the cars to make them look like something else, like the shoe car or the rabbit car. The museum also had art that was about cars, which was neat. Before visiting the Art Car Museum, I didn't know art cars existed. Now I know about them and what they look like. This was a museum that I would definitely go to again!

Mom's Notes:
   We visited the Art Car Museum in Houston on a family vacation and it was an excellent place to visit. Sometimes children do not like visiting museums, and mine are no exception to that. However, the Art Car Museum changed their opinions about museums, at least museums that are related to cars. Each person in my family had their own personal favorite car and we had a great time admiring each of the cars. Besides looking at the different art cars, my family learned a lot about the history of art cars in America. We spent a large part of the day admiring all of the different cars, and my children are already asking if we can visit this museum on our next trip to Houston.

140 Heights Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77007

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Wed - Sun: 11am-6pm
Mon and Tues: Closed

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Justin's Tip:   Make sure you bring a camera to the car museum. Take a lot of pictures to show your friends at home, and definitely make sure you take a picture of the rabbit car and the shoe car. Maybe it will give you ideas on what you want your own car to look like someday! When you are taking pictures, be sure to take a picture of the outside of the building as well. It is made of metal and spikes and doesn't look like a regular building.
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