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Buffalo Bayou Park
    Biking, hiking, dog park, disc golf course and bat bridge!
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         Daniel & his Mom from Pasadena, Texas!
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Daniel's Review:
   This park is pretty big for being in the middle of a busy city. There's lots of outside stuff to do like canoing, hiking and biking. I couldn't wait to try out the skate park. It doesn't matter if you are an expert or just a beginner. Mom gets this funny look on her face every time I fall but when I get up, she goes back to her normal face. She likes that they make you wear a helmet, wrist and elbow guards and kneepads.

   If you are not a sk8r, the park offers lessons for free! You just have to make sure to register. You can also roller blade or roller skate at the skate park to. Oh, and you have to stick around for the bats. Just make sure your at Waugh Bridge by sunset and you will see a gazillion bats fly out from under the bridge. It's kinda smelly cause of the bat poop but don't worry they won't poop on your head - at least they didn't on mine.

Mom's Notes:
   Buffalo Bayou is about 125 acres of green in the heart of Houston between Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive. From Bagby Street on the east to Shepherd Drive on the west, Buffalo Bayou Park features walking, biking and hiking paths, a dog park, exercise stations and a disc golf course.

  Fonde Recreation Center sponsors various activities, classes and events throughout the year, many of them free of charge. The park's most notable landmarks include Eleanor Tinsley Park, home to many Houston festivals and celebrations. Daniel's favorite, the Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark is located between Tinsley Park and the rec center. The Gus M. Wortham Memorial Fountain, or "Dandelion Fountain," is located along Allen Parkway, east of Waugh Drive.

  Bring a picnic lunch if you plan to stay awhile. Believe me, if your kid is a skating enthusiast, you will be staying awhile.

  The sunset bat flight can be viewed from an observation deck located on the corner of Allen Parkway and Waugh Drive. Get there 20 to 30 minutes before to hear an informative presentation on what you are about to watch. If you plan to watch the bats with impatient children, just make sure to arrive right before sunset. Otherwise, the wait will want to make you fly away.

1800-3600 Allen Parkway/Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77019

Admission (subject to change):
Free, Free, Free!

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
6 am to 11 pm

   Tolerance Plaza sculptures © by Bruce Aleksander & Dennis Milam Thanks Guys!

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Jacob Tip:   If you go to the skate park, make sure that you have someone like your mom watch your stuff because there is no place to store it. Don't forget the sunscreen or bug spray.
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