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Jacob's Review:
   The museum was super cool and awesome! They had all these big model ships everywhere. They even had a pirate ship, my favorite! There were little submarines too. They were like the ones from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Don't worry there weren't any Kraken monsters. They were giving a presentation on Christopher Columbus. Did you know that he didn't just sail to the Americas once? He actually made four different sailing trips!

Dad's Notes:
   The Houston Maritime Museum is a wonderful destination for the family, especially if you have younger children interested in boats or sailing. The museum features a wide collection of model boats, ships, and other maritime vessels from though out history. The museum has several exhibits, including a few rotating temporary exhibits and provides enough to do for an afternoon. My son really took a liking to the models of the older ships and some of the stranger looking models. With an admission that is only a few dollars, the visit is well worth its cost.

  The museum also would be a great field trip for all school levels. The models are interesting enough for the younger classes, while older classes will appreciate knowing the history behind some of the ships that played roles in the lessons from their history classes. The museum even has special presentations for visiting students. When we visited there were several classes on field trips including one group of engineering students from the local university.

  The museum staff was very welcoming, friendly and happy to explain the exhibits and share their knowledge. If you come with a larger group they are glad to even give you a free guided tour. Overall a must do for those looking for an educational and low cost outing in Houston.

2204 Dorrington Street, Houston, TX 77030

Admission (subject to change):
Ages 12 and up - $5.00
Ages 3 to 11 - $3.00
Under 3 is free

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Tues-Sat 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Sun and Mon

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Jacob Tip:   I might not a boat captain but I sure think I could drive one of those big sailing ships.
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