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Moody Gardens
    Rainforest Park, gardens and wildlife center!
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Jacob's Review:
   Moody Gardens is so much fun I don't even know where to start! I think I could stay there for a whole week and still have things left to do. The best place to go in the summer is Palm Beach because it's a water park. You can climb a ton of steps and see for miles. Then you go down this long tube super fast and land in water. It's so much fun I could do it forever!

   There's way more stuff to do than that though. You can leave Palm Beach and visit other areas of Moody Gardens, like the penguins. They're so cute and they even waddle just like on the cartoons. You can even pet them!

Dad's Notes:
   It's hard to review a place like Moody Gardens because there's so much to do. Jacob and I have gone several times, but a large portion of the park has yet to be explored. Jacob loves Palm Beach, which is a cross between a water park and a beautiful beach with snow white sand. My favorite area so far is the 4D FX Theater though. You're able to go inside this ride that displays a movie (in our case, Happy Feet) on a 180° wraparound screen. That, paired with the movement, makes it feel like you're directly in the action.

  After seeing Happy Feet, Jacob begged me to take him to the Penguin Encounter which was nothing short of amazing. You spend almost an hour learning just about everything you could about penguins, but the real fun is at the end. You get to meet, pet, and play with several of the penguins, and they even make their own artwork for your child to take home.

  Another exhibit I hope to take Jacob to see soon are the rain forest pyramids. These were still under construction when we last went, but are now home to hundreds of animals and plants that mimic the look and feel of the rain forest. From what I've heard from others, it's an amazing experience that I can't way to see for myself.

One Hope Boulevard Galveston, Texas,

Admission (subject to change):
Aquarium Pyramid: Adult: $21.95, Children: $17.95
Rainforest Pyramid: Adult: $21.95, Children: $17.95
Discovery Museum: Adult: $14.95, Children: $8.95
4D FX Theater: Adult: $10.95, Children: $8.95
MG 3D Theater: Adult: $10.95, Children: $8.95
RideFilm Theater: Adult: $9.95, Children: $7.95
Paddlewheel Boat: Adult: $10.95, Children: $8.95
Palm Beach: Adult: $23.95, Children: $17.95
Penguin Encounter: $50

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
10 AM to 8 PM

www.moodygardens.org Live PenguinCam!

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Jacob Tip:   Penguins like it really cold. You should wear a jacket because it's not fun being freezing for almost an hour!
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