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Jacob's Review:
   Once your are 10 or 12 years old - you have to try paintball! I think it is my favorite thing to do - way better than xbox or anything! It is expensive so a lawn mowing job or a paper route (or nice parents) can help!

  I will list some paintball tips and tricks below, and would like to hear yours! My top 3 tips are - stay low, don't wear bright colors and pick fast buddies to be on your team!

Dad's Notes:
   Jacob was nervous to try paintball when we started - I think he was 10 or 12? Anyway - he absolutely loved it - he discovered the paintball gun is a great equalizer - the bullets hit just as hard from a little kid as a big one. And as Jacob said - small kids are harder to hit! A great Dad and son activity!

  Where do you like to do paintball best?


Urban Warzone Paintball: Urban Warzone Paintball is intense and the field is excellent. The price is really pretty decent and the rentals includes practically everything you need, from the guns to the face masks and body armor. The armor is first come, first serve! The cost covers an entire day's worth of playing, though!
2315 Telephone RD Houston, TX 77023 | 281.892.1148
Mon-Thurs: Reservation Only, Fri: 5p-10p, Sat: 10a-10p, Sun: 10a-6p
(subject to change):
Entry: $15, Rental: $12.50, 500 Rounds: $18


Gotcha Paintball: Gotcha Paintball has a few different fields. A favorite is the Pueblo Field, which has real buildings scattered across it to give it a town feel. They also have two airfields, a kid's field, and La Plaza. They also offer packages for birthday parties, corporate events, and reunions. There are always trained paintball referees monitoring the fields, so safety is a primary goal at Gotcha Paintball, the second being having fun!
4955 Winfield Rd Houston, TX 77039 | 713.851.0550 | Mon - Fri: Call for Reservation, Sat: 10a-6p, Sun: 11a-6p
(subject to change):
Entry: $15, Rentals: $12, 500 Rounds: $18


Paintball Bonanza: The minimum age is 10 years and while reservations are encouraged, walk-ins are welcome!
6500 Gold Moss Dr. Houston, TX 77085 | 713.935.0552 | Mon-Fri: Call for Reservations, Sat: 9:30a-5p, Sun: Noon-5p
(subject to change):
Entry: $11, Rental Gear: $22, 500 rounds: $30


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(subject to change):


What other paintball fields, clubs or areas are around the Houston area? Include a brief review!


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Jacob Tip:   Seriously the most fun you can have in Texas - even for girls or parents! Try it!
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