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Jacob's Review:
   It's like a big huge garage sale. You can buy fans and little stuff there. Some of the people sell Pokemon cards there too! And there are rabbits, colored birds (but they don't talk) and hamsters. One nice man gave me some sugar cane that you chew on, but don't eat it!

Dad's Notes:
   The Flea Market is pretty big (not the size of the one in Waco or Austin) - but it has a lot of vendors and customers year round! There is a little of everything there from pony rides and cotton candy to army boots and fine china. I saw some great deals on tools, lawn-mowers and yard equipment. On sale in the winter anyway!

   Some nice Mexican imports that were very reasonably priced and some attractive fruits and vegetables! The market is free to come in and browse, open year round and has a nice mix of full time vendors and one time garage sale folks. The booths will run you about $10 a day.

   Food vendors include good Mexican and local BBQ. There are different kid and family activities every weekend (like moon walk, The Snake man, bands, Sunday school, pony or train rides, etc.)!

   A very interesting place - another inexpensive adventure for the kids! And like Jacob mentioned don't miss the pets and birds down at the bottom! You may end up with a parakeet in the house!!

1930 George Wilson Rd, Belton, TX

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
8 am - 5 pm Sat - Sun

Drive Directions:   Take 190 E aprox 10 miles to G. Wilson exit. Left under the overpass, parking all the way around (shaded parking in rear).

   Belton FleaMarket By Christina Kruse Thanks Christina!


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Jacob Tip:   I got to ride a real Pony, but it was outside across the street!! (And there aren't really any fleas for sale there - they just call it that).
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