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Jacob's Review:
   The nature trail has a wiggly old pirate bridge, a waterfall and a lot of plants. It looks like a jungle forest if you go past the wiggly bridge. There are a lot of butterflies there, too!

Dad's Notes:
   As you first start down the trail, there is a sign on the right identifying poison ivy! The area is shady, forested and likely the most beautiful area in Killeen. The trail runs along the river, Gray Herons nest here. A great waterfall, but be careful because when the dam generates, the water level suddenly raises a few feet. After the waterfall is Jacob's 'Wiggly' bridge! After the bridge it gets more 'jungle - like' with mossy cliffs inside a shady forested area. About 5 miles of hiking trails available; well worth the trip!    If you hike the full trail you can explore some of the caves along the trail also! Check out links below for some of the Cave pictures.

   Poison Ivy: jagged edges, 3 leaves together, leaf looks like a mitten, sometimes has little white berries: "leaves of three, let it be." If you come in contact with poison ivy, wash the skin thoroughly with soap and cold water (not hot water) and contact your physician for treatment advice. More information on poison Ivy

   The 'wiggly' bridge was down but has been rebuilt.

At the base of Stillhouse Dam, Belton, TX
Brian Greenstone has some really good pics of the park. (And more Austin activity reviews!).

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
8a-6p Winter
8a-8p Summer

Drive Directions:   Take US190 East aprox 12m to FM 1670 Stillhouse Dam exit. Park is below the Dam (on your left).

   Have a Photo? Drop us a line here and we would be happy to host it with credit and a linkback!

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Jacob Tip:   It is good to learn what poison ivy looks like so you don't camp in it! It is also fun to use walkie-talkies with your parents ~ then you can scout out the trail ahead! Dad Says: Dressing kids in bright clothing in forested areas makes it easier to spot and keep track of them!
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