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Jacob's Review:
   There are a lot of birds and animals there. There are these little animals (Nutria) that come out and swim in the water. They like to hang out on the little island in the middle & by the shore (on the South Side). There are nests in the bushes and you can see eggs and babies in them.

Dad's Notes:
   One of Jacob's favorites, it is a great place to spend some quality time! Great picnic site in Killeen, a lot of ducks and animals to feed in a nicely landscaped area - great place to relax as the kids have a blast, good place to get inspired, to meet someone for a surprise picnic lunch (very close to Ft. Hood), or just to go and think.

From WS Young go west on US190 5m (past Clear Creek/Ft Hood - before Copperas Cove) to Bell tower exit, left to CTC parking lot, look ahead along access road for Bell tower at the park.

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

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Jacob Tip:   Bring a loaf of bread to feed all the ducks and birds, but don't let all the big ones eat all the bread!   Dad Says Check out the Cove Park for more duck feeding action!
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