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A Real Ghost Town Near Belton, Texas
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         a Historical Museum Town, listed with the Smithsonian Institute
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Jacob's Review:
   A ghost took my cookie wrapper and floated it down the street. And I got it and put it in the trashcan. Then the ghost took it out of the trash again and floated down the street the other way. I had put it way down in the trash so that it couldn't get out. I know it was a ghost because it floated in the air not on the ground. And the ghost wasn't allowed in the busy street that's why it stopped there!
   My Dad took a picture and there was a ghost in it - but it was a different ghost I think.

Dad's Notes:
   AThe still present hand dug well, in the middle of the dusty Main Street, was the cause of the Town's demise. Back in the day, some Gov't men came through surveying the town (to put a highway through) these Gov't men instructed the townsfolk to fill in the well so the highway could be built over it. The towns' folk didn't see what sense it made to fill in a perfectly good well. So they 'got into it' with the Gov't men, refusing to fill in the well. The Gov't men then rerouted the highway around the town. And the town remained lost in time. The 1800's General Store and Saloon still as they ever were.

   On weekends, (esp. third Sat of every month) men can be found sittin' on the 100 year old chairs outside the Saloon - spinnin' yarns, and passin' on history to anyone who might actually find their way to this time lost ghost town.

   The General store, Saloon and other buildings can be toured Saturdays and Sundays... (When the proprietor isn't 'gone fishin')!

Topsey Exotic Ranch 945 CR 118 Coryell County, TX 76522

*GPS can guide you to wrong location; *Some Map software is known to give wrong directions. Both can direct you 30 miles off course so you should call for directions

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):
Free in town, museums may have a charge
About 2$ for the Museum

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
Anytime to walk about
Open for Tours Sa & Su

Drive Directions:   190 east to I35 North thru Temple to 36 (same road as the temple Mall) Left on 36 about 15 miles - turn left at 236/Mother Neff sign - 1 block into the Grove.

Photo of a real ghost!
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Jacob Tip:   If you don't think ghosts are real you will after you go here!
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