1st Cavalry museum and 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment museum
1st Cav and 3rd CR (also called 1st Cavalry and 3rd ACR)
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Jacob's Review:
   They have tanks and helicopters there, and you can sit on them for really cool pictures! A lot of the tanks and jeeps aren't used anymore; they're just there so people can look at them. There is a really big rocket you can look at - and it's real! Soldiers do a good job helping people, they have to be good at shooting guns and stuff so that other people in the world won't be bad and hurt people! Sometimes soldiers go away for a long time and miss their families, and I'm proud of our soldiers!!    Bring Drivers License, Registration and Insurance to get on post!

Dad's Notes:
   There are 2 Museums on post, both are definitely worth seeing. The 1st Cav museum has military artifacts of & its regiments from 1855 to the present. The 3rd ACR museum has...

   Jacob really gets a kick out of going to the Fort Hood Museums, especially due to all of the outside displays of tanks, helicopters and assorted military equipment- tons to look at and sit on! Be sure to bring a camera!!

   Acres of Military vehicles, past & present. It is awe inspiring to walk among the military "Garden". It amazes me that with all the 'Power Hungry' leaders in the world that a government based on freedom & human rights is the strongest and most powerful.

1st Cav Museum: 56th Street & 76th Tank Battlaion Ave, Ft Hood, TX
3rd Armored Cavalry Museum : 36th St & 761st Tank Battalion Ave, Ft Hood, TX
First Cav: www.hood.army.mil/1stcavdiv/1cdmuseum
3rd ACR Museum: www.hood.army.mil/3d_cr/

Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

Phone Numbers:
1st Cav: 254.287.3626
3rd ACR: 254.287.8812

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
9-4 M - F; 12-4Sa-Sun

Drive Directions:   190 West to first Fort Hood exit (Fort Hood main gate). Continue to 761st Tank Destroyer Blvd: Left for 1st Cav Museum, Right for the 3rd CR museum. Few blocks to either (watch for displayed vehicles).

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Jacob Tip:   Near the airfield you can see helicopters flying, especially during the week. If you listen sometimes you can hear tanks shooting too! Dad says In the 3rd ACR museum there is an exhibit that has 'kid sized' Army uniforms of different types - the kids can dress up!
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