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Jacob's Review:
   There are a lot of horses there, and you can sit on the old wagon cart. If you go on Thursday mornings they shoot the cannons and it is real loud - so cover your ears. The soldiers are dressed like olden day soldiers and they use real guns and swords when they are on their brown horses!

Dad's Notes:
   You can stop by the Horse Cavalry Detachment Barn for a guided tour anytime. Upon your arrival, one of the troopers will gladly show you around, introduce you to some of the animals and the other troopers, and tell you all about the unit and answer any questions you have. Bring a camera to record your visit; On fair-weather days you can take the children's picture as they "ride" on Chocolate, the horse-mannequin. You may want to contact either the CQ Desk or Operations staff ahead of time to check the availability and details of Barn Tours.

   Once or twice a week, the Mounted Cavalry does a demonstration practice where the unit trains their riders. Since it is a practice, it doesn't always include everything that you would at a formal performance, but it's still an awesome show that you'll enjoy. Call the CQ Desk to get a schedule of their upcoming practices.


Admission (subject to change - last we checked it was):

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change - last we checked hours were):
Daylight, 7x week;
Shows are Thursdays 0900
(Call Ahead!)

Drive Directions:   The Barn is located just southeast of Fort Hood's Main Gate to get there, follow U.S. Route 190 to the Fort Hood Main Gate exit. Take the exit ramp and follow the signs to the "Martin Leath Visitor Center," you will turn right off the main road to enter the Visitor Center parking lot. Once in the lot, look ahead and to your right and you will see signs for the "Horse Cavalry Detachment" and "Hunt and Saddle Club" beside a driveway. Follow that driveway to the first parking lot on the left. The big red barn beside that lot is the HCD Barn. The start point for Barn Tours is on your left just inside the front door.
On post, be sure to bring proof of insurance, vehicle registration and drivers license.

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Jacob Tip:   When you feed the horses grass, keep your hand flat so it's easy for them to grab the grass with their mouth! Bring a Camera to get some really great pictures!!!
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