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Jacob's Review:
   I wanted to go but my dad said NO!! so I had to stay home with my Mom...

Dad's Notes:
   A great way to spend an afternoon! Learn to shoot Shotguns or get better with what you know. They often have shotguns for rental (around $5 ) and only around $5 for a box of shells - makes for a pretty affordable way to learn or play!
   At the Skeet Range at the Sportsmen's Center on Ft Hood - Round Fees, which includes 25 targets, ranges from $3 for E4 and below members to $5 for all non-members.
   If you purchase a punch card, you will get a discount per round. Or you could purchase an annual membership and get a better discount. They offer shotgun rentals for $5 a day. Soldiers with a valid ID can get free usage of shotguns, but this is on a first come/first serve basis.

Another Skeet Range in the area is:
Capitol City Trap & Skeet Club
8707 Lindell Lane - Austin, TX 78724

The Club is open Wednesday - Sunday 9am-6pm

For your shooting pleasure, they offer: Sporting Clays courses, 5-Stand fields, Skeet fields, Trap fields, Double Trap field, Wobble Trap field. Or for when you can't decide what you want to shoot at, they have two twelve station walk-through sporting clay courses- Each shooting station simulates different hunting situations. You will enjoy shooting an overhead crow flight, driven pheasant, double rabbits racing across the field, springing teal, sporty dove, crazy quail and many other exciting challenges.
Fees range from $11-27 for non- members. They do NOT offer shotgun rentals, you must bring your own.


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Jacob Tip:   Kids can learn shotguns - but only the small ones like a .410 or a .20 gauge. Pellet guns are a good way to learn gun safety...
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