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    Shark Tank Tunnel!
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Jacob's Review:
   Our trip to the Dallas World Aquarium was really cool. We walked in the aquarium and I saw a lot of neat tropical fish I've never seen before. There was a blue polka dotted stingray that was just swimming around in the tank by us for a while. There was also a shark tank that had a tunnel underneath it. We were able to walk through the tunnel and see sharks swimming right over us. The sharks were super close and we could even see how sharp their teeth were! After the aquarium we looked at other exhibits and saw many different animals like monkeys and tropical birds and alligators.

Dad's Notes:
   The Dallas World Aquarium was on our list of places to visit for a long time. We had heard good things about the aquarium from our friends, and finally visited this past year. We had a really enjoyable time at the aquarium. They had many exhibits in addition to the aquarium and it was easy to spend a day there. The aquarium was home to many types of tropical fish and other aquatic animals. We had the chance to see manatees up close which was a great learning experience.

  In addition to the water animals, the aquarium has other types of exotic animals such as monkeys, panthers, and tropical birds. The Dallas World Aquarium was crowded with families and school groups, which did not make it very relaxing, but it is to be expected with a family-friendly tourist attraction such as this. It was expensive compared to other things we could have done with a family but was worth the cost.

1801 North Griffin Street, Dallas Texas 75202

Admission (subject to change):
Adults: $20.95 plus tax
Children ages 3 to 12: $12.95 plus tax
Children under 3: Free

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
9am-5pm daily


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Jacob Tip:   There is a waterfall inside the aquarium which is three stories tall. I liked looking at the waterfall and watching the animals swimming in the water.
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