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Daniel's Review:
   Me and my sister love to go to the zoo. When we go, we make sure we always go see the gorillas. I saw a old gorilla with gray hair like my dad. I told my dad he looked like the gorilla and he laughed. I wanted to give the gorilla some food but my dad won't let me. He said don't feed the gorillas. That's okay because we got to feed other animals instead! There were lots of birds and they liked to eat our bread. We got to ride a camel too! The camel smelled bad but he was a nice camel.

Mom's Notes:
   The kids always love going to the zoo, and honestly, I enjoy it too. It's a cheap way to spend a nice day with the family. The Dallas Zoo is a very family-friendly environment and it is a very clean facility. The kids absolutely love the gorillas and the lions! There are plenty of things to see at the Dallas Zoo, you will be hard-pressed to see them all in one day. So, I signed up our family for the Dallas Zoological Society so we can go whenever we want (and park for free too).

  Make sure to see the gorillas and lions, kids love them and so do I! There are plenty of neat things to do with the kids. For $5 you can buy camel rides, my son loved it but my youngest was a little scared. After a few minutes, she started to enjoy it, though. Try to get to the zoo right when it opens if you are going on the weekend. The Dallas Zoo can get a little crowded, but that just goes to show how nice of a zoo it is.

650 South R L Thornton Freeway Dallas, TX 75203

Admission (subject to change):
Adults aged 12-64: $12
Children aged 3-11: $9
Parking is $7
Members of the Dallas Zoological Society also get in for free and get free parking

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
9am to 5pm daily (closed on Christmas day)


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Jacob Tip:   Bring nose plugs if you don't want to smell the stinky camel. Course I would laugh at you for wearing nose plugs!
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