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    3-4 Mile pedestrian and bike trail
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Daniel's Review:
    If you're a skateboarder or rollerblader, you are in for some epic fun at Katy Trail. While we were in Dallas, my mom and dad said we were going on a trail walk. I thought, "In the middle of a big city?" When they said I could take my skateboard, I was like, "huh?" Turns out it is a wide sidewalk where people can walk, jog, skate, scooter or stroll. We met a man that told us the trail was built over an old railroad track. It was called the Missouri-Kansas-Texas line, or MKT for short - that's where it gets its name, KT=Katy. Pretty neat, huh?

Mom's Notes:
   For tourists, residents and pets in downtown Dallas, Texas, the Katy Trail is a welcomed respite from the hectic pace of traffic and noise. The trail is the result of collaborative efforts of local, state and federal government funding along with private donations to transform a former railway line into an urban parkland. It is located along a 3.5 mile stretch in the middle of skyscrapers and freeways.

  The Katy Trail is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery - human and green - while getting some exercise. Little ones can be towed by wagon or on a stroller, and older kids will love skateboarding, rollerblading or using those tennis shoes with wheels. If you want to bicycle, bring your own or rent one for the day. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash and you clean up after them.

  A word of warning for the potty patrol: The trail has no bathrooms. If you have small children with even smaller bladders, stick close to Reverchon Park, their rec center has bathroom facilities. There are a few businesses along the trail that will let customers use their facilities.

  There are five different access points for the path. The most popular is the south trailhead across from the American Airlines Center. From there, it is about half a mile to Reverchon Park. This may be the most little ones can handle. Basketball lovers can play a quick game of horse at the basketball court.

5207 McKinney Ave STE 9, Dallas, TX 75205

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Hours(subject to change):
5am to Midnight, daily


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Jacob Tip:   Make sure to stop for cold drinks at one of restaurants along the way. Don't hog the path and be careful of the dogs.
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