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Justin's Review:
   We rode the trolley. It was a lot of fun to cross the street and climb aboard. It was free! So we rode for a long time. People brought dogs on board and I pet several of them. All the dogs were nice. We would get on and then get back off. Dad said those trolleys were built a long time ago and were "historic." They were pretty cool.

Mom's Notes:
   Jacob and I went to ride the trolley for some "alone time." We had a lot of fun. He had never ridden any sort of public transportation so it was a real treat to take him on the trolleys. It's very fun to sort of go back in time for just a minute and ride like people did nearly one hundred years ago, even though the car we rode was air-conditioned.

  The trolley cars were mostly built before the depression. The restorations to the vehicles are amazing. I do not totally understand the difference between "trolleys" and "cable cars," but I believe it has something to do with the way the cables work. I got a little too involved watching Jacob to really listen very carefully.

  The trolleys are free if you are not on a chartered expedition, so the price is perfect. We were able to just make an afternoon of it. We rode awhile, stopped and had lunch, and then rode some more. It made an otherwise dreary day doing errands a lot of fun.

3153 Oak Grove Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75204

Admission (subject to change):
Always free except for chartered rides
*Donations are always accepted

Phone Numbers:
214.855.0006, Ext 1

Hours(subject to change):
Mon-Thu: First Departure,7am -Last Departure, 9:35pm
Fri: First Departure, 7am - Last Departure, 10:50pm
Sat: First Departure, 10am - Last Departure, 11:35pm
Sun and Holidays: First Departure, 10am- Last Departure, 9:20pm
*Check Online Timetable for specific Departure/Arrival times


   McKinney Ave Trolley © by Wallace Hughes (Thanks Wallace!) - Check out his paintings at:

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Jacob Tip:   Wait til the operator says you can board. The crossing is in the middle of the street. That can be scary.
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