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    Glass Bottom Boats & Submarine Theater
Things to do near San Antonio, TX

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Jacob's Review:
     They have these really cool old fashioned boats, and the bottom is part glass - so you can see into the lake! There are giant catfish - white and black ones! And a big underwater thing that you can go in and see divers in the water!!
  The Aquarena is a large lake feed by underwater pressure springs. They have an aquarium that features over 7 endangered species. They also have a swamp walk which is a floating bridge in the middle of a swamp habitat for birds, fish, and turtles (I saw 4 turtles when I was there). The river boat there last attraction is a boat that has a glass bottom which allows you to see under the water.

Dad's Notes:
   This is the source of the San Marcos River, a huge spring fed river. Since it is spring fed the water is crystal clear and the glass bottom boats and submarine theater are very cool! Divers can usually be seen on the weekends! There are special programs and group trip special events!


Admission (subject to change):
Free to get into the park
Boat Rides - About $6

Phone Numbers:

Hours(subject to change):
Park Open 9:30a - 5p Daily
Boat runs 10:30a - 4:30p every hour
Open all week Hours vary with weather
Closed Christmas Week and 2nd week of Jan

Drive Directions:
About an hour and a half from Killeen: 190 E to I-35S thru Austin to San Marcos, take Exit 206, Aquarena Springs Drive, turn right and go through 2 stop lights; immediately after rail road tracks see entrance and sign to Aquarena Center on right side of the road, take a right into golf course, follow the road to the left to the park entrance.

       Glass-bottom boat By Photochaser Phil. Thanks Phil!

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Things To Do near San Marcos
Jacob Tip:   There is a color photo booth where you can get a strip of wallet photo's taken for $2 and the gift shop has toy bow and arrow sets for only $6!
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